Our goal is to assist others in the process of inner and spiritual healing, leading each to personal freedom and a higher level of development. To this purpose and with deepest love we offer the full use of our spiritual gifts

Lisa Beaumont is an Accomplished Intuitive or "psychic" reader, Based in st. petersburg , florida where she offers intuitive readings, spiritual healing, personal growth classes and one on one sessions with local area clients.
Changing lives, helping her clients find the road to true self discovery, realizing their own intuitive and psychic powers, and learning to put those cosmic powers to use, for spiritual and emotional growth in their lives.
A dedicated and true professional, she is available locally for group reading sessions, one on one, or if your near the st.petersburg/tampa area visit the calendar page to see a schedule of events and register for our e-mail updates. Lisa can also be contacted for phone readings by contacting
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Leap for joy,

Shout the news,

The weeping past is gone,

Forever sing


This,Your glorious song!

How CASL was created

Casl is the result of a lifetime dream to make compassion manifest. Our vision is to bring opportunities for learning and healing to people everywhere. Our spiritual gifts were given to be shared, thus CASL was created as a vehicle for that sharing. We hope to help others discover their own power to access their potential to live and to share lives with purpose and happiness.

♥ "Can’t begin to thank you for all you have done for me, and in such a short period of time. You have transformed my life from dark & hopeless to bright and truly amazing. You showed me the strength & ability I have within me to change or enhance anything in my life. I look forward to each new day. Thank you so much!"
- T.M. – Las Vegas, NV
♥ "Intuitive, wise, loving .... That’s Lisa"
- L.L. – Ontario, CA
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♥ "Freeing the Spirit, liberating the mind ..... wholeness, cleansing through self-forgiveness. Thank you, CASL." 
- LB - Port Charlotte, FL